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I Am A Man With A St Tropez Tan

‘The album has the echoing, eerily atmospheric buffer of an amniotic aura cleanser’
8/10 Londoners-com

‘lures you in to a squat party of distorted electronic melodies…. an audio labryrinth of unpredictable excitement.’
Kent on Sunday

‘disorienting enough to make my daughter sick….a fine album of weirdness and best listened to alone at night.’
Russell’s Music Reviews

‘intelligently introspective feel-bad music, with a touch of electro-blue-eyed soul’
4/5 stars – Remote Goat

‘a dangerous musical noise-scape which never lets the listener relax, constantly keeping us guessing when the aura of calm will fade to reveal the dark beast underneath….music this unique deserves an audience’
7/10 Tasty Magazine

‘Sordid gnarly blasts of techno like Prodigy in a bad mood segue into slower sections that flit between driftingly pretty and woozily disorientating…melody fights with distortion…evoking unusual states of mind’
Bearded Magazine

“Moody and melancholic, cinematic and dreamy”
Gutter Magazine

“experimental in the truest sense…Rick Senley is an inspiration.” (MASS MOVEMENT MAGAZINE):

“prepare to be bewildered…a weird, wired and wacky adventure, a truly inventive and inspired recording.” 8/10

“definitely not music for those with a sunny disposition…a thoroughly dystopian listen.”

“very hostile… good for the dance floor around 5am…enigmatic and cinematic …an inspiring success.” SOUND-REVOLUTION. 3.9/5

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