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Just A Ghost Reviews

COLLECTIVE ZINE Read full rewiew
the subject ingests a small green pill with a tiny picture of a lightning bolt on it and then proceeds to run up and down in his front room whilst “Walking on Sunshine” plays at ear-popping volume until he tires himself out. After having a can of “100% proof Fanta” he goes upstairs, sits down in front of his sampler and starts sampling the sounds in his mind. The result is this album.

MASS MOVEMENT Read full review
beautiful trip through a chaotic landscape…31 minutes of musical bliss.

you have to have a taste for the bizarre to appreciate these sonic constructions

HIGHER PLAIN MUSIC Read full review
moments of beauty, craze, insight and skin crawl.

SOUNDBLAB Read full review
Imagine a horrifically curious scientist not meaning any harm but not understanding references that speak of torture, taking apart humans to see how they work without understanding suffering or death. Yet what is revealed is a beautiful simplicity and wonder, like finding gold in the heart of a rubbish tip… if this is sound of the future then beam me ahead because I need more now.

WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN 8/10 Read full review
I’d never previously imagined a trip to the beach could be so fucking horrific…bleak to the point of harrowing

TERRASCOPE Read full review
playful, disturbing, destructive and ear-catching… stirrings of Philip Glass

SONIC ABUSE Read full review
visionary trip onto the platforms of hell’s own station…unnerving…an album of depth and intelligence

REDEFINE MAG Read full review
In a world where much of the music is homogenized corporate mulch that lacks any discernible human input, those artists who offers us personal and intimate truths are to be cherished. I am a Man with a St Tropez Tan is one such artist. This is music as pure expression

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